Presentations & Publications

"Unlocking the Airwaves: Revitalizing an Early Public Radio Collection," Presentation at Digital Cultural Heritage DC Meeting, Washington, DC, April 2019.

"Digitizing and Reviving the Archives of the National Association of Educational Broadcasters," Presentation at the Society for Cinema & Media Studies Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, March 2019.

"Audiovisual Storytelling 101," Presentation at a MITH Digital Humanities Incubator (DHI) series entitled Movement of the Body & the Black Arts Movement, February 2018. Link to Video Lesson on Vimeo.

"The Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (OHMS): Enhancing Discoverability for Oral History Collections," Presentation and Workshop, UCLA School of Information, January 2018. 

Organizer/Moderator, "Using the Digital to Engage Archival Radio Collections: A Panel and Workshop on Sound Studies & Digital Humanities Crowdsourcing Strategies," Radio Preservation Task Force Conference, November 2017.

Presenter/Panelist, Metadata Infrastructure panel, Radio Preservation Task Force Conference, November 2017. Presented on my work in radio archiving and preservation. Link to presentation PDF.

"Audiovisual media is not an island: How relating paper and media collections can enhance discoverability," Journal article in The Journal of Digital Media Management, Summer 2017 (Volume 5, No. 4).

"The Films of Shane Carruth and Biological 'Databases' of Connectivity," Presentation at Textual Embodiments, the Society for Textual Scholarship 2017 Annual Conference, College Park, MD, June 2017.

“Documenting Provenance: Out of Our Heads and into the Database,” Presentation at the Association of Moving Image Archivists Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, November 2016.


“Mastering Project Management,” Training Session at the American Archive of Public Broadcasting National Digital Stewardship Residency Immersion Week, Boston, MA, July 2016.


“The National Association of Educational Broadcasters (NAEB): Portrait of an American Radio Collection,” Presentation at Orphans X : Sound, Library of Congress Packard Campus, Culpeper, VA, April 2016.


Stewarding MITH’s History: A New Window Into Our Past,” Blog Entry on the MITH website, part of MITH’s series on stewarding digital humanities scholarship, March 2016.


Discussant, Metadata and Digital Archiving Panel, Saving America’s Radio Heritage: Radio Preservation, Access, and Education, Radio Preservation Task Force Conference, Washington, DC, February 2016.


Film & Friends at The Lookout, featuring historian Stephanie Sapienza,” Guest Curator and Presenter, The Lookout DC Filmmakers Collective, Washington, DC, January 2016. Presented on late-70’s CalArts filmmakers who worked on major blockbusters such as Star Wars, and screened experimental short films and oral history excerpts from the Alternative Projections project.


“Virtual Reunification of Mixed Media Collections: A View from the Digital Humanities,” Presentation at the Association of Moving Image Archivists Annual Conference, Portland, OR, November 2015.


“From the Desk of Modest Bob Pike: The Creative Film Society and Postwar Experimental Filmmaking Culture in LA,” Invited Presentation at Misfits 2015: Time-Based Media and the Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA, October 2015.


Audiovisual Archives and the Context Conundrum,” Guest Blog Writer for the Radio Preservation Task Force series on the Antenna media-cultural studies blog at University of Wisconsin-Madison, July 2015.


Perpetual Pragmatism: Traditional Archival Appraisal Theory Meets the Film Archive,” DC-Area Film and Media Seminar: “Distributing Cinema,” University of Maryland, College Park, MD, April 2015.


“The American Archive Pilot Project,” Presentation at Celebrating Orphan Films, an Orphan Film Symposium special event with partners UCLA Film & Television Archive and Los Angeles Filmforum, Billy Wilder Theater, Los Angeles, CA, May 2011. Also contributed to event coordination and designed the event program.


Adam K. Beckett: Complete Works 1970-1979, DVD Producer, iotaCenter Kinetica Video Library, December 2010. Also wrote the DVD liner notes.


Jules Engel: Selected Works, Volume I, DVD Producer, iotaCenter Kinetica Video Library, October 2009. Also wrote the DVD liner notes, including film descriptions.


“Projecting Animation’s Past Onto Its Future: The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive,” Publication in Cartoons Magazine (Internal publication of the International Animated Film Association), Summer 2008.

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